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I just wanted to write for the record… to say that I am so excited that we have decided to go on this little adventure called amen.  Eva and I have such a great time together in the wee hours… (including a couple all-nighters that prove we are still young!) …and it is really a cool thing that we get to do more with the things we do for fun.  It is like icing on the cake.  We get to create, have fun…. laugh and cry… pray and dream. 

And then we get to do this whole OTHER thing.  We get to set up our own little store… We get to meet tons of new people… We get to find the kindred spirits… And we get to sell our stuff to people who love it… To people who get it. I can’t believe how much this little adventure has opened us up.  To more.  And we are doing it.  

And so, with warm wishes… to many new crafting adventures… and to the new.



White Horse
(Words and Music: Detweiler)

Bring me a white horse for Christmas
We’ll ride him through the town
Out into the snowy woods
Where we will both lie down

Underneath white birches
Our faces toward the sky
We will make snow angels
With our white horse standing by

Hush now baby
One day we’re gonna ride
Hush now baby
Our white horse through the sky

Bring me a white horse for Christmas
We’ll ride him through the snow
All the way to Bethlehem
2000 years ago

I wanna speak with the angel
Who said do not be afraid
I wanna kneel where the oxen knelt
Where the little child was laid

Hush now baby
One day you’re gonna ride
Hush now baby
Your white horse through the sky

No bridle will he be wearing
His unshod hoofs they will fly
Keep a watch out this Christmas
For that white horse in the sky

Hush now baby
One day we’re gonna ride
Hush now baby
Our white horse through the sky

Hush now baby
Let every angel sing
Hush now baby
One day we’ll ride again

“Why is she posting a Christmas song at the end of September?”  you might wonder… except that Eva gave you a little glimpse with her post a couple of days ago.  I thought I’d add a little something from here.  So, as for Christmas songs making beautiful melodies in my house this past weekend, let me explain.  
Number one, this song is from Snow Angels, which is pretty much my favorite album ever… and I listen to it almost any time of the year.  Secondly, the songs on this album, including the one displayed above, are full of poetic lyrics sure to inspire the creativity in any one.  And lastly, we have officially started our Christmas Craft Fair preparations!! …with much divine inspiration and this song! (which, incidentally has been playing in my head all day- especially the verse that says “I wanna speak with the angel who said “Do not be afraid”.  I wanna kneel where the oxen knelt, where the little child was laid”) …Isn’t it beautiful?  I love Over the Rhine.  And they are coming to Cali in December!  So exciting! 
Anyway, as far as our Christmas projects go, this was our first.  With many more to come, and some fun ideas on the way, I say, ‘Welcome, Christmas!!’  (Please don’t hate us like you might hate Target for already having Christmas Cards next to their Halloween stuff…. it takes us much longer to make our wares!!)


Yes, this is what it takes to launch a creative day with amen, a cute bowl full of cute little grapes. And, the cuteness makes eating lunch all the more enjoyable! So with our grapes in their cute red rimmed bowl, we set out on a new venture: Baby Bibs! So exciting!! For some reason, I got a photo of the grapes, but not the bibs- so we’ll have to post some later. Needless to say (wink) that they are extremely adorable and sweet, and pretty much every momma will want their baby to spill green beans all over one!