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Welcome to AMEN, the world where old scraps are made into treasures.  This is where we dream and create, and work throughout the night to make something special and magical for someone out there to love.  Everything we have is made by hand, one of a kind, unique, original.  Most of what we have is made from salvaged materials that might otherwise have been wasted.  We hope that while visiting this little world, you will find inspiration in something that you personally connect with, and find encouragement to cherish the wonder of everyday life.  Please explore, and please enjoy.


Those of you who have kids know how much energy it takes out of you.  And, the more kids you have, the more demands are made on your time, energy, patience, etc.  So, the other night while scrapbooking and discussing the business of life (she has 4 kids now!), I said to Ann, “I don’t even know how you can find the energy to craft.”  Her apt reply was, “How could I not craft?”  She is perfectly right.  Sometimes we forget that taking time to express ourselves creatively, or do whatever it is that helps you feel complete and competent — this gives to our lives more than it takes.  I know sometimes you just can’t bear to think about getting out supplies and starting a project, but there have actually been times when I stayed up the whole night in a wild frenzy of creative anointing (as we like to call it), and was still so excited, fulfilled, and passionate about it the next day that I didn’t even feel tired.

I would like to take this moment to encourage all the moms who have put their art on a shelf to take care of babies.  If you think you are done with art for the rest of your life, think again.  The next time you are feeling brave, take out your painting supplies, paper crafts, sewing machine, or whatever.  Take it off the shelf and try it out.  You may be surprised to find a bunch of little pieces of you heart floating around in there, that you didn’t even realize you had left behind.  🙂

wide eyde owl

fly through my window

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