“In the field of opportunity, it’s plowin’ time again” — Neil Young

I’ve had that line stuck in my head for the last few days, and didn’t know who sang it until a moment ago. It’s a fitting description all around, I think. It’s autumn, harvest time, but not just because of the time of year. It seems that every where we turn, ideas, inspirations, projects, things are ripening. All of a sudden, what felt like so much work becomes pure freedom. Burdensome tasks are filling up with creativity and joy. Here’s a picture of my harvest; the sunflowers that were a lush green jungle in my back yard throughout the summer. Though they are wilted and falling over, they leave me with a parting gift. A feast for birds, a cooking-experiment-to-be for me, and thousands of seeds for spring planting …. with plenty to share with friends! This is a reminder to me that the most treasured things come with sacrifice, and that for the most part, every sacrifice leads to renewal and restoration. I feel so thankful for this abundant season of life.

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